Astrophotography Contest

This year marks the 2nd year of our annual astrophotography contest.

Images that are submitted will be judged based on the criteria for each category. First, second and third place winners will be determined, with the first place winner presented with a certificate of award.

Members can submit images and photos for consideration in the following categories.

  1. Planetary (including Lunar)
  2. Lunar Craters (Close Up).
  3. Solar
  4. Deep Sky Object – Galaxy
  5. Deep Sky Object  – Not a Galaxy
  6. Nightscape

The  submission deadline is December 31st 2017

Remember to check out our Loan Program page for equipment.

Category Criteria

Planetary (including Lunar)
-Astrophoto’s of the solar system of the moon as a whole, any of the known planets, including dwarf planets.
-Comets and Meteor showers
-Basically anything in our solar system

Lunar Craters
Astrophotos Lunar Craters.

Solar *** Be Safe ***
Photos of the Sun
-White light or H-Alpha images
-White light can either be film filter or glass filter.
-Images are not limited to the entire disk. Images that show close ups of the surface depicting features or the edge of the sun captures a prominence.
-Optionally include information such as the name of the feature (sun spot designation)
*** Safety should be considered when imaging the sun. Only use imaging equipment that is properly applied or ask experienced photographers for assistance

Deep Sky Objects – Galaxy
Astrophotos of Galaxies
– Can be done with or without the assistance of an Autoguider but this must be specified in the submission.

Deep Sky – Non Galaxy
Astrophotos of Nebulea, Star Clusters, Exoplanets
– Can be done with or without the assistance of an Autoguider but this must be specified in the submission.

Night Scape
– Any photo that shows foreground
– Photo must include an astronomical object/phenomenon (i.e. The Moon, Star trails, Aurora, etc…)

The Rules

  1. Each photo must have a description / object name, the date and time taken,  location, equipment used / setup,  number of frames if stacked, exposure time and ISO if DSLR, filters used (LRGB, narrow band, etc). Optionally additional details regarding processing (software, techniques, etc) may be submitted.
  2. Images can be in colour or monochrome.
  3. Multiple phases or angles (if applicable) can be shown on a single image for artist effect. Photo mosaics are also accepted.
  4. Any type of camera is acceptable (Smartphone, Webcam, Point and Shoot, DSRL, SLR, CCD, CMOS, etc)
  5. All images submitted must be taken/processed in 2017.
  6. By sending in a photo members are also allowing the Mississauga Centre of the RASC to display or post your photo on any of our electronic forums. i.e. The Mississauga Centre website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Members are encouraged to apply a copyright or signature to the photo prior to submission. Members also agree that the Mississauga RASC Centre is not responsible and assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright and is not responsible for any loss or damage to any images submitted.
  7. Images must be submitted using the official submission page. Submissions by email will not be accepted.
  8. There is limit of 3 images per category, and members are encouraged to send only their best shots for consideration, and all submissions are final.
  9. Members can enter photos in more than one category.
  10. Images can be submitted at any time of the year before the December 31st 2017 deadline.
  11. Images that are submitted must be with your own equipment. We are working on the honor system.
  12. Each entrant is responsible for submitting their own image using the online submission form.
  13. Each image submitted must meet the listed criteria listed for each category. If clarification is required it should be received prior to submission. Images that do not meet the category requirements will not be considered.
  14. The Contest is only open to members of the Mississauga RASC Center prior to the close of the contest. If membership ends and is not renewed prior to the end of the contest, the images entered will be disqualified. Membership must be considered in good standing.
  15. The judging will occur in January 2018.   The winners will be announced at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) February 9th 2018. You do not need to be present to win.
  16. Images submitted after the deadline will not be accepted for judging.  However, they will still be looked at and admired!
  17. The judges will be a panel of 3, and the judges’ decision are final.
  18. Have Fun!!

Submission Form Link