Loan Program

Free to Members
We currently have the following gear available for loan:


8″ Dobsonian with Push-To Technology
The centre has 2 of these with finder scopes, red dot finders, and eyepieces to assist members in learning the night sky.

YouTube Push-To alignment procedures


UntitledSkywatcher 120mm Achromatic Refractor
with Bresser Goto Mount
For those looking to do some astrophotography we have a 600mm focal length achromatic refractor with a Goto Mount. Provide your own DSL or Webcam Camera.

iOptron SmartPhone Adapterssmartphone_adaptor
For those just looking to get an easy pic of the moon or a planet these smart phone adapters are easy to use.

*80mm H-Alpha Pressure Tuned Solar Telescope
Perfect for viewing prominences and filaments on the sun, this scope comes with a manual mount and eyepiece. Or, use your own goto mount for solar astrophotography.
*Note: a $30 loan fee applies for this telescope.
** Fee waived until September 2018 **

To borrow a telescope please speak with one of the RASC Council members.