Riverwood Wed Aug 10th 8:30PM: Mars, Saturn, and the Crescent Moon *** IT’S A GO ***


join us at Riverwood for free public viewing through our telescopes!

Moon - phone adapterSaturn and Mars should put on a nice show in the warm evening, so be sure to get a good look at them. We should get a good look at some colourful double stars. Get a shot of the crescent Moon through one of our telescopes using your phone with one of our phone camera adapters!

There are more details about the event on Earthshine’s site here: Earthshine

You might get to see a low pass of the ISS (the International Space Station), starting  at 9:08PM.

We’ll start when it gets dark at 8:30PM. The event is weather permitting (for obvious reasons) so check back here for a GO/NO GO on Tuesday afternoon.

Here is  a link to Riverwood on Google maps: Riverwood

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