Aug 21: **SPECIAL ** Riverwood Solar Eclipse Party: (Mon 1:10PM – 3:49PM)

The Riverwood Conservancy and the Mississauga Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada present a Partial Solar Eclipse Party at the Riverwood Conservancy on Monday Aug 21. The eclipse starts at 1:10 pm and finishes at 3:49 pm. At it’s maximum at 2:33 pm, about 75% of the sun will be covered.

If the sky is completely overcast, the event will not take place.

Properly filtered telescopes will be set up and pointed at the Sun. Hand held solar viewers will be handed out as well as information sheets.

NOTE: DO NOT look directly at the Sun without proper protection. Specially designed solar viewers must be used. Do not look at the Sun with sunglasses, smoked glass or photographic films. Safe viewers will be available for use at the Riverwood event.

Here is  a link to Riverwood on Google maps: Riverwood

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