NOV 22: SPEAKER NIGHT: Scott Sutherland

In the unlikely event of a cancellation, we will post a notice here by 4 PM Friday.

Topic: “InSight: What An Inside Look at Mars Can Tell Us”

NASA’s latest Mars mission touched down roughly a year ago. Tasked with detecting even the slightest tremor in the planet’s crust, tracking its weather 24.5 hours a day, and sensing its internal temperature, InSight is allowing us to explore Mars like never before.

Let’s take a look at what InSight has shown us so far, and what it could reveal to us about our second favourite terrestrial planet.

Scott Sutherland is a Meteorologist & Science Writer at The Weather Network. After focusing the first decade of his career on deciphering the machinations of Earth’s weather as a meteorologist, he has since expanded that focus to encompass weather, climate, space, astronomy, and science as The Weather Network’s science writer.
Twitter: @ScottWx_TWN

The meeting will be held from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. at The University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus, in lecture hall SE2074 in the William Davis Building.

Park in parking deck P4 or P8, across from the Recreation and Wellness (Fitness) Centre south of the Davis Building. The parking rate is $2 per hour or $6 maximum. Consider paying the maximum, which will allow you to park all night. If not, you should return to your vehicle before your time expires to avoid being ticketed.

Enter the Davis Building through the Fitness centre, walk up the stairs until you reach the main corridor then turn right. If you need an elevator, follow the corridor to the right of the stairs, then go up to the main floor. Look for the Mississauga Centre sign in front of the lecture room.

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