The CGEM II Series mount features an ample payload capacity of 40 pounds. Though the CGEM II is sturdy enough to take on an 11″ EdgeHD OTA, it does not sacrifice any portability as it can be broken down into manageable parts for easy storage while driving to and from a nearby star party location. In addition, the mount weighs only 40 pounds by itself without the upgraded tripod or counterweights. Tripod weighs 20 pounds.

The tripod that comes with the CGEM II has 2″ stainless steel legs and a spreader bar that presses against them for exceptional rigidity and support. Tripod legs also feature graduated markings that make leveling a painless procedure. In addition, eyepiece receptacles can be found at the center of the spreader. This puts any extra eyepieces you decide to bring along for your next viewing party within easy reach.