Speaker Night

 Speaker Night

 Host: Randy Attwood

 Speaker: Dr Kim Tait, Royal Ontario Museum

Kimberly Tait is a Curator of Mineralogy and oversees mineralogical, gemmological and meteoritic research at the ROM. She is also a cross-appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Geology at the University of Toronto.

Title: ROM Martian Meteorites and Mars Sample Return
Description: Although the ROM does have an exceptional martian meteorite collection, there is still much to be learned about Mars. Dr. Kim Tait will discuss the goals of the Mars Sample Return Program, and her role in the mission.

Potpourri Night – Solar Eclipse Roundup

Potpourri Nights are a series of short talks given by members.

This meeting will be devoted to reports on the June 10 Annular Sunrise Eclipse.

If you have a presentation you wish to give, contact memmtg@mississauga.rasc.ca.

Potpourri Night

Host: Randy Attwood


Shakeel Anwar         June 10 Solar Eclipse
Rick Veregin          June 10 2021, August 2017 partial solar eclipses, February 1979 total solar eclipse  

Kirby Alguire             June 10 solar eclipse 

Shriya Naik                 A visit to the Kortright Centre for Conservation 

Keith Jarvie                Life on Venus? Living in the extreme   

  Zoom link: Click here to join the meeting

Potpourri Meeting

Meeting Host:  Randy Attwood Matteo Statti  A review of the Star and Night Photography workshop run by Ariel Estulin https://www.outdoorphotojourney.com/workshop/star-photo-workshop-2021/ Shriya Naik   A review of the book: “Advanced Skywatching: The backyard astronomer’s guide to starhopping and exploring the universe” - A Nature Company Guide by Robert Burnham, Alan Dyer, Robert A Garfinkel, Martin George, […]

Speaker Night – Dr Laurie Rousseau-Nepton

Speaker: Dr Laurie Rousseau-Nepton is a resident astronomer at the Canada-France-Hawaii Observatory and was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hawaii between 2017 and 2019. First indigenous woman in Canada to obtain a PhD in astrophysics, she received her diploma from Université Laval by studying regions of stellar formation in spiral galaxies.

Potpourri Night

Talks include a look at a Cosmic Ray observatory in Alberta, the postal history of the Apollo 15 mission, a book report on advanced skywatching, chasing and photographing aurora in Edmonton and a junior member reports on her recent experiences participating in NASA's Space App Challenge.

Speaker Night

Dr Michelle Thaller of the Goddard Space Center, NASA talks about Space’s Scariest Monsters: Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Join us for this special Halloween Space Treat!

Potpourri Night

The November Potpourri meeting of the Mississauga Centre of the RASC. Topics include the upcoming lunar eclipse, observations of 61 Cygni, images of the recent aurora....and more!

Speaker Night – John A. Read

Getting The Most Out Of Your Beginner Telescope
Join Nova Scotia author and astronomer John A. Read as we explore the three most popular RASC certificate programs and using a finder and a star map to find the required targets (star hopping 101).

Potpourri Night

Talks include Collimating a Newtonian Reflector, some Deep Sky Photography experiences, a review of a camera lens to use for astrophotography and a look at the Apollo 17 mission - on the Moon 49 years ago today.

Potpourri Meeting


Potpourri:  A Special Evening for Aspiring Astrophotographers

Special Guest - Trevor Jones (AstroBackyard)

Title: Deep-Space Astrophotography: Proven Methods for Better Images

Trevor will explain how he has been able to collect better images from the city than he thought were possible. From recommended filters to advanced processing techniques, see why APOD-worthy images are possible from the backyard.