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ORION 8″ Dobsonian Manuals for Download

If you borrow one of the Orion 8″ Dobsonian telescopes, please download and read the manuals.

200mm Explore Scientific Dobsonian
This 8" Dobsonian telescope provides an excellent way to see fainter objects, especially from a dark location. It's a fantastic all-rounder.
Available for Loan
200mm Orion Dobsonian with Push-To Technology
This scope has a 7x50 finder scope, and 2" 28mm, 25, 10, 9mm eyepieces with a 2x barlow to assist members in learning the night sky. It comes with a NexYZ phone camera adapter in a padded case.
On Loan | Until Sun Apr 28, 2024
80mm H-Alpha Pressure Tuned Solar Telescope
On Loan | Until Mon Jul 15, 2024
Antares 1.25" Cheshire Collimator
Available for Loan
Celestron 6” SkyProdigy 130 Computerized Telescope
On Loan | Until Mon Jul 15, 2024
Celestron C8 200mm Schmidt-Cassegrain and mount
200mm aperture with good light-gathering ability to provide excellent views of planets and deep-sky objects.
Available for Loan
Explore Scientific FirstLight MAK127mm
A slow telescope at f/15 but the 1900mm focal length is great for looking at the planets. It is accompanied by a Celestron 8mm - 24mm zoom eyepiece and an AZ mount.
On Loan | Until Sat Jun 1, 2024
Nikon D3100 DSLR camera with 18-50 mm lens
D3100 can shoot approximately 3 frames per second; the high pixel count of D3100’s sensor produces photos of striking clarity, revealing all the nuance of the original scene with minimum noise
On Loan | Until Mon Jul 15, 2024
Skywatcher 120mm Achromatic Refractor with Bresser Goto Mount
For those looking to do some astrophotography we have a 600mm focal length achromatic refractor with a Goto Mount. Provide your own DSLR or Webcam Camera.
Available for Loan
Unihedron Sky Quality Meter
The "Sky Quality Meter" measures the brightness of the night sky in magnitudes per square arcsecond.
On Loan | Until Wed Feb 1, 2023

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