Speaker Night

 Speaker Night

 Host: Randy Attwood

 Speaker: Dr Kim Tait, Royal Ontario Museum

Kimberly Tait is a Curator of Mineralogy and oversees mineralogical, gemmological and meteoritic research at the ROM. She is also a cross-appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Geology at the University of Toronto.

Title: ROM Martian Meteorites and Mars Sample Return
Description: Although the ROM does have an exceptional martian meteorite collection, there is still much to be learned about Mars. Dr. Kim Tait will discuss the goals of the Mars Sample Return Program, and her role in the mission.

Speaker Night – Dr Laurie Rousseau-Nepton

Speaker: Dr Laurie Rousseau-Nepton is a resident astronomer at the Canada-France-Hawaii Observatory and was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hawaii between 2017 and 2019. First indigenous woman in Canada to obtain a PhD in astrophysics, she received her diploma from Université Laval by studying regions of stellar formation in spiral galaxies.

Speaker Night

Dr Michelle Thaller of the Goddard Space Center, NASA talks about Space’s Scariest Monsters: Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Join us for this special Halloween Space Treat!

Speaker Night – John A. Read

Getting The Most Out Of Your Beginner Telescope
Join Nova Scotia author and astronomer John A. Read as we explore the three most popular RASC certificate programs and using a finder and a star map to find the required targets (star hopping 101).

Speaker Night – Dr. Lea Hirsch


Speaker: Dr Lea Hirsch, University of Toronto - Mississauga

Here Come the Suns: The statistics and habitability of planets in binary star systems 

 Most planet searches focus on single stars, like the sun. But half of all sun-like stars actually live in binary or multiple stellar systems, whose planet-hosting capability may be quite different. In binary systems, planets can occupy either circum-stellar or circum-binary orbits, but many orbital configurations are thought to be unstable due to the effects of the binary companion. Binaries are also thought to affect the proto-planetary disks of their companions, potentially disrupting their ability to form planets at all. 

Speaker Night – Dr Chris Impey

Speaker: Dr Chris Impey Steward Observatory, University of Arizona   
Topic: Astrobiology- How strange life might be?

Speaker Night – Dr Samantha Lawler

Speaker: Dr. Samantha Lawler, University of Regina
Title: Megaconstellations of satellites are about to ruin the night sky for everyone

Speaker Night

Zoom meeting

Speaker Night

Topic James Webb Space Telescope

Speaker Night – Adventures in Moongazing: Making the Most of Moonlit Nights

Zoom meeting

Chris will discuss his experiences while observing the moon: for fun, for outreach, and for completing RASC's lunar observing programs. He'll share observing tips and target suggestions, and highlight some of the best books, apps, and web tools for exploring the moon from your driveway.